Research Development Manager

Average Salary
Degree Requirements
Bachelor's Degree

Research and development managers help organizations determine if an undertaking will meet business goals. Think about your favorite flavor of ice cream. A research and development manager was likely tasked with overseeing important research into its development – the cost of the ingredients, analyzing consumer trends on nutrition and flavors, and finding efficient and cost-effective methods to produce it. Their findings enable businesses to make informed decisions and make products people love.

Also known as: Business Development Manager, Product/Project Manager, Research Manager, Strategic Partner Development Manager
Operation Monitoring
Operations Analysis
Quality Control Analysis
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Understand project goals and overarching business goals
Develop research strategies and programs
Oversee a team of researchers and manage all aspects of the research process
Collaborate to determine necessary assessments and testing procedures
Analyze and interpret research findings to determine recommendations
Forecast costs, lead times, and other key metrics as applicable
Share and present research findings cross-functionally
Meet Greg
Research Development Manager
United Animal Health
"I really liked the flexibility and the things that I can do. It's not the same thing on a daily or weekly basis, and to be able to showcase my skill set and have an impact on the company, the industry and the entire globe."
B.S. Animal Science

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