Analytical Chemist

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Degree Requirements
Bachelor's Degree

From blue jeans to insulin, chemistry is responsible for many of history’s most important scientific breakthroughs. As the detectives of the chemistry field, analytical chemists identify substances and how they behave. Their work is used in many industries both in and outside the laboratory – you can find analytical chemists working in forensic labs identifying evidence, in environmental labs testing for toxins and pollutants or in the animal pharmaceutical field developing new drugs to improve our pets’ health.

Also known as: Analytical Research Chemist, Chemical Laboratory Scientist, Chemist, Research Chemist
Equipment Maintenance
Operation Monitoring
Operations Analysis
Quality Control Analysis
Social Perceptiveness
Systems Evaluation
Analyze chemical compounds to determine their properties, compositions, structures, and possible uses
Use a range of modern software, techniques and equipment to carry out research and analysis
Analyze composition changes by introducing heat, light, energy or chemical catalysts
Write and communicate results and findings clearly in written papers, reports and presentations
Collaborate on research with other scientists, engineers and technical specialists
Strictly adhere to compliance and safety standards
Meet Ayanna
Regulatory Science Team Leader
Corteva Agriscience
"In my opinion, one of the biggest things or what I find the most interested in is agbioscience field, is just all the different disciplines that are needed to make it work. So I don't have an ag background, but I've been able to develop and mature in this field. I work with people who have an IT background, people who are more computer based versus wanting to be in a lab. It takes a team and I like that collaborative nature with things. If you like change, flexibility, like to learn, you don't want to be settle in just a static position, you want that diversity, you'll definitely have that in an agbioscience perspective."
B.S. Pre Med, PH.D. Analytical Chemistry

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