Average Salary
Degree Requirements
Bachelor's Degree

How can we grow crops that resist disease, withstand droughts or yield larger produce? Bioengineers solve issues like these by enhancing or augmenting biological processes. This may mean working to develop a transgenic papaya that resists the ringspot virus, a strain of cotton plant that is able to tolerate herbicides or a type of popcorn that produces more kernels. In this way, bioengineers help improve the productivity of crops used for food, fiber and fuel.

Also known as: Biological Engineer, Technical Product Support Supervisor, Quality Engineer, Biological Safety Engineer, Service Engineer, Application Engineer, Biological Specialist, Principal Research Engineer, Natural Resources Technician
Learning Strategies
Personnel Management
Operations Analysis
Quality Control Analysis
Social Perceptiveness
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Design and produce equipment, such as artificial organs and diagnostic devices
Install, repair and resolve issues with bioengineering devices and equipment
Collaborate and experiment with techniques and individuals in a variety of disciplines
Conduct studies to explore or advise changes in process sequences or operation protocols
Develop simulations or models to anticipate the impact of environmental factors
Prepare and report research findings to fellow scientists, industry professionals and the public
Meet Esha
Corteva Agriscience
"We try to take microbial strains that exist in nature and make them better at doing what they do and get more product that acts as a natural source of protection for agriculture."
B.S. Biotechnology, PH.D. Agricultural and Biological Engineering

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