Precision Agriculture Technician

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Precision agriculture technicians use technology to be more precise and controlled when it comes to agriculture. From GPS to satellite, their perspective is key to creating better food—and more of it. Thanks to their tech-savviness, crop and livestock production becomes a more sustainable practice.

Also known as: Precision Agriculture Specialist, Precision Agronomist, Precision Farming Coordinator, Research Agricultural Engineer
Operation Monitoring
Service Orientation
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Collect information about soil, yield data and field boundaries using field data recorders and geographic information systems
Make recommendations for how to reduce negative environmental impacts of farming
Create and analyze maps that show crop yields, soil characteristics, drainage patterns and more
Analyze geospatial data to understand the impact of soil quality, terrain, field productivity, fertilizers and weather conditions on crops and livestock
Program farm equipment based on your analyses
Recommend best crop varieties or seeding rates for specific areas based on your research
Present reports that summarize your findings
Meet Craig
Integrated Solutions Manager
Reynold's Farm Equipment
"In what way can we take a piece of technology such as a smartphone that's been in the market for a long time and apply it to a farmer's operation and provide a solution or provide a service to him that he may not otherwise have.”
Agricultural Mechanics Program at Secondary Career and Technology Center

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