Average Salary
Degree Requirements
Master's Degree

Toxicology is often referred to as the “Science of Safety” – toxicologists use the power of science to test and predict how various chemicals may cause harm. These scientists typically have a strong understanding of science and biology – working primarily in laboratory settings to study the effects and proper doses of substances ranging from pesticides to prescription drugs. Toxicologists play a key role in protecting public health, the environment and animal welfare.

Also known as: Operational Researcher, Clinical Microbiologist, Product Development Scientist, Field Trials Officer, Forensic Toxicologist
Learning Strategies
Management of Materials
Operations Analysis
Quality Control Analysis
Social Perceptiveness
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Plan and conduct experiments
Collect and analyze data
Determine effects of exposure to substances
Draw conclusions on the effect of substances
Communicate findings in the form of written reports and recommendations
Develop methods for testing substance safety
Work mostly in laboratory settings
Meet Sabitha
Global Regulatory Toxicologist
Corteva Agriscience
"I assess the safety of our products as a toxicologist. Which means I'm making sure the products that are going to be launched in the market, that the farmers and consumers are going to be exposed to, are safe. That itself makes me feel motivated, that I'm making a difference in their lives."
B.S. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, Ph.D. Toxicology

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