Data Curator

Average Salary
Degree Requirements
Bachelor's Degree

Every time a student searches the web, a nurse updates patient records or a farmer checks the weather forecast, they generate data. Data curators use their deep understanding of data applications to help businesses, organizations and IT professionals establish common goals and utilize this data to accomplish them. With more sophisticated ways to leverage the huge amounts of information we create, data curators help us become more efficient, informed and productive.

Also known as: Content Curator, Menu Curator (Data Entry), Data Manager
Operation Monitoring
Operations Analysis
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Organize and source data for analysis
Apply transformations and blend data from several sources
Customize data for different analytical tasks
Assign analytical tasks to data engineers/scientists, providing all necessary requirements for completion
Advise and educate IT professionals about how businesses use data, allowing them to better conduct analysis
Maintaining efficient data organization over time for future use
Meet Topher
Data Scientist
United Animal Health
"With agbioscience there's going to be challenges. There's going to be strategy. You're constantly using technology. There isn't a moment that goes by that I'm not using some type of platform like a mobile device or trying to find a way to get mobile into someone's hands. With different technologies that are coming out every day you have to learn it, you have to research it. It's exciting because you get up every day and you go, okay, what's going to be new today? What's going to be out there today that I didn't know about yesterday? So it's constantly changing. It's very exciting to be in the industry."
B.S. Computer Information Systems and Communications

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