Data Scientist

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Degree Requirements
Master's Degree

Have you ever wondered how Netflix knows what shows “you might also like…”? That’s the work of a data scientist! They transform large amounts of unruly data so that useful information can be extracted. They’re responsible for cleaning data to remove inaccuracies and transforming it so that patterns and valuable insights can be obtained. The resulting information can be used to detect consumer or market trends, patterns and behaviors that will assist agbioscience companies in producing the best consumer products.

Also known as: Marketing Analyst, Digital Analytics Product Manager, Information Technology Systems Administrator, Application Developer, Asset Manager, Operations Analyst
Operations Analysis
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Collect large amounts of unstructured data from disparate sources
Scrub and validate data to ensure accuracy
Transform data into a useable format from which data can be extracted
Utilize data-driven techniques to solve problems
Work with a variety of programming languages
Detect patterns and trends in data
Employ of statistical methods, tests and distributions.
Meet Jie
Computation Biologist
Corteva Agriscience
"Being a data scientist is like being the brain of the project team. Because you get to integrate all pieces of information that comes with the data and you get to come up with the decisions or the proposals for the next steps."
B.S. Chemistry, Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry, Post Doctoral work in Computational Biology

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