Computational Biologist

Average Salary
Degree Requirements
Doctoral's Degree

Computational biologists use data and experimentation to construct models of complex biological systems and processes—all with the intent to make new discoveries about how living things function. These scientists identify and challenge assumptions, innovate and test solutions, changing the way we understand the world around us.

Also known as: Computational Biologist/Data Scientist, Computational Chemist, Researcher-Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology, Developmental Biologist, Bioinformatics Specialist, Molecular Biology, Research Development
Operation Monitoring
Quality Control Analysis
Social Perceptiveness
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Translate questions about unknown biological systems into computational experiments
Analyze and interpret biological data to support experiment objectives
Construct mathematical models or software simulations of biological systems to make predictions
Build upon and modify models by testing experimental data
Develop, apply and maintain computational tools, algorithms and solutions
Present and explain research and findings to scientific community
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Computer Information Research Scientist
Beck's Hybrids
FA-Computation Biologist
"I do things like data analysis, I do data architecture, I answer scientific questions, but the process that I use to answer scientific questions is all about data, modeling, and simulation. And those are things you don’t do on pieces of equipment behind the glass of the lab. There are things you do in front of a computer screen."
B.S. Molecular Biology

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