Bioinformatics Scientist

Average Salary
Degree Requirements
Master's Degree

Have you ever seen a map displaying where influenza outbreaks are located during flu season? That’s the work of a bioinformatics scientist! Complex scientific research yields vast amounts of valuable data – but how is all that data managed and shared? Bioinformatics scientists design computer tools and databases for processing and analyzing the resulting data to ensure that the information obtained is able to be interpreted and shared, paving the way for new discoveries across the globe.

Also known as: Bioinformatics Scientist, Director of Bioinformatics and Trait Discovery, Director of Translation and Experimental Medicine Bioinformatics, Scientific Database Curator, Scientific Informatics Project Leader
Learning Strategies
Social Perceptiveness
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Design and develop scientific databases and applications
Ensure that data is properly classified and processed
Develop algorithms that optimize data accessibility and interpretation
Customize existing applications to meet specific research needs
Advise on the use of new technologies to improve operations
Manage technicians and technology staff applying developed informatics tools and applications
Collaborate with technical specialists to resolve design or development problems
Communicate research results to both technical and non-technical teams
Meet Jia
Bioinformatics Scientist
Corteva Agriscience
"How should we interpret the data? How should we use this data and what kind of information does the data give us? Then work together to define an experiment to use this data to solve the real problems in agriculture science."
B.S. Biology, M.S. Statistics, PH.D. Biology

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