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Did you know there are over 100 different types of soil and a large array of environmental factors that affect how productive these soils are? Agronomists are the soil doctors that study the relationship between soil and plant life, they work to improve soil quality and productivity, plant health, seed quality and the nutritional value of crops.

Also known as: Crop Scientist, Plant Scientist, Crop Nutrition Scientist, Certified Agronomist, Certified Crop Advisor, Certified Professional Agronomist
Collect and analyze soil, plant and water samples for various crops
Work in both laboratory and outdoor settings
Draft agricultural production plans and estimate yields
Evaluate crop performance as affected by weather, pests and processes
Prepare research and data-driven reports to support agricultural plans
Test and monitor the effectiveness of specific nutrients, pesticides and seeds
Apply research and observations to determine the ideal conditions for healthy crops
Consult and advise farmers and regulators on ways to maximize farm output/economic impact and environmental sustainability
"So a typical day, which is what I like about being an agronomist, every day is different. So we have different clientele, every farm's different, every size farm is different, everybody manages it differently. And so you actually get the chance to interact with a lot of different people that are on every scale of farming."
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