Your Job Search: Strategies for Success

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Welcome to the ever illusive real-world! Combatting a combination of both excitement and fear? No need to panic—you are not alone! Incorporate these initial tips to kickstart your job search and remember that the hardest step is the first one.

Be confident

You remember applying to college, right? The process was likely nerve-wracking at first—but you mastered it with patience, diligence and faith in yourself. Invoke that same confident mentality when job searching and try to be patient. According to Indeed, the average job search takes around 9 weeks, so don’t lose confidence if the process is taking longer than you expected.

Reflect on what fuels you

Think back on your coursework, internships and job experiences. When did you feel energized? Passionate? In what working environments have you felt most confident? What made them so appealing? Identifying and documenting your interests will not only help you identify good fit companies and jobs but will also help you prepare for interview questions. Don’t forget to leverage the comprehensive Field Atlas site to seek more information on job titles and companies that may be a good fit for you.

Maximize available resources

Your university has successfully supported thousands of graduates into their first professional role. Don’t miss out on your school’s tremendous experience and available opportunities! Get to know your academic advisor and tap into their knowledge; leverage professor office hours, visit the career center and attend as many career fairs as you can. Already graduated? No worries. Many of these resources may still be available.

Don’t delay the inevitable

Job searching is a skill like anything else—the only way to improve is with practice and experience. Browse career sites to become familiar with the current job market, research available role types and set realistic expectations based on your qualifications. Be prepared, job searching is a full-time endeavor; treat it like a class project that’s worth 100% of your grade. No excuses. Just hard work.

Polish more than just your resume

How would an employer feel about your email address? Your social media presence? Consider different platforms and update them to reflect the professional you. How comfortable are you with LinkedIn? This social platform is especially important, so intentionally become familiar with what it has to offer and ensure your profile clearly states you are seeking employment opportunities.

Network, network, network!

Speaking of LinkedIn—be sure to harness the power of this amazing resource. Use it to find job opportunities, make industry connections and build your network. It is completely acceptable to reach out to individuals with similar interests, whether they are peers or more experienced professionals—simply introducing yourself can go a long way. While it’s important to make new professional connections—remember to utilize your personal network of family and friends and social/professional organizations with which you have been involved. Talk with them about your goals, ask them to critique your resume and cover letters and ask them for any relevant connections. Whether live or via LinkedIn, a warm introduction is often the most productive way to expand your network and potential opportunities.

Get organized

As you prepare to job search across several sites—set up a simple excel sheet to keep track of job openings, favorite companies, application progress, due dates and more.

Focus on YOU

As you begin searching and applying, you will likely receive much (sometimes unsolicited) advice from friends in the same boat or family members who want to help. Be mindful, listen and take advantage of these conversations to the best of your ability—and remember it’s also perfectly acceptable to keep progress to yourself. Share only what you’re comfortable with and never distract yourself with comparisons.
Chart Your Course
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