Questions to Ask During Job Interviews

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Consider the impact a future job will have on your daily life. You will likely be spending 40+ hours per week there! A job certainly does not shape your entire personal identity, but it’s best to figure out if a potential employer will be a good personal fit before accepting an offer. An interview is your formal opportunity to do just that.

Remember—interviews aren’t interrogations. Questions go both ways. The employer will no doubt dig deeper into your experience, interests and qualifications. You, too, should be prepared to acquire specific information about company values, its people and of course the role you’ve applied to during each interview. Customize the following starter questions in coordination with your company research to gain crucial insights and impress your interviewer:

  • How do you incorporate the company goals of x, y and z within your direct teams’ strategy?
  • How does the team hold itself accountable to the core company values of x, y and z?
  • What are the critical success factors of this role?

 can you elaborate on some of the challenges frequently encountered in this role? What values do you believe makes a candidate better positioned to take them on?

  • Could you please describe any unlisted/not yet discussed hard skills you are seeking in a candidate?

Follow up: is your team currently experiencing any type of skills gap?

  • How does your company approach career growth and mentorship? Can you give me any individual examples of growth within the company?
While these questions are helpful as a guide, you should take accountability for what topics best fit the situation and create additional questions of your own. Be curious and think with purpose. You will be able to ask some as the conversation flow dictates; but be sure to follow up at the end of the conversation to tie up any loose ends.
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