Conquering Job Applications

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60% of job seekers say they’ve quit filling out a job application due to its length or complexity. Ouch! This statistic from Learning Hub certainly highlights the fatigue that many succumb to while navigating varied application requirements. Don’t be a statistic! Stay focused and use this first step as a demonstration of your dedication and work ethic. Get serious about the positions you want and commit to their applications—whether it takes four minutes or four hours. Remember that quality > quantity and use the following tips to ensure your application is straightforward and fully completed.

Completing forms

Your application may require you to upload your resume and electronically answer questions and complete required fields about history and experience. Though this can feel redundant, ensure that each question and field is answered to the best of your ability—never write “see resume.” Don’t rely on copying and pasting your resume information; tailor your responses to the specific question and employer.

Uploading documents

Save all Word documents for submission as a PDF to ensure the formatting will not change when opened by the employer.

Preparing your resume

Before submitting your resume, give it one last spell check and ensure the document name is clear and professional – your full name works well.

Don’t forget to include your cover letter

This may be an optional application field, but attaching a cover letter is a non-negotiable to set yourself apart from the sea of applicants. Don’t see a place to attach your cover letter? Ensure it matches your resume’s formatting, and attach them together.

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