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Bachelor's Degree

From beautiful rainbows to disastrous hurricanes, weather is a powerful force that greatly affects agriculture. Extreme weather conditions can negatively affect crop yield, increase the threat of pests and diseases and livestock production. By studying the earth’s atmosphere and predicting weather patterns, meteorologists help farmers and ranchers to understand, plan, and predict impactful conditions.

Also known as: Broadcast Meteorologist, Forensic Meteorologist, General Forecaster, Hydrometeorological Technician, Research Meteorologist, Space Weather Forecaster, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Weather Forecaster
Service Orientation
Systems Analysis
Record and analyze weather data from various sources: satellites, radars, sensors and weather stations to study wind, temperature, humidity and air pressure
Interpret atmospheric observations
Prepare and present recommendations and reports to clients, such as ranchers and farmers
Analyze weather data against crop yields
Track severe weather systems and determine potential paths and impacts
Often work non-standard hours, in order to monitor and report on conditions
Meet Mitchell
Advanced Agrilytics
"I kind of came into this arena or the ag arena with a background in both GIS and meteorology. The connection of the data aspect that is involved with the agriculture side, but also the idea of environment and how we can interact and incorporate environment in both the large scale and small scale. Large scale being the weather across the growing season or trends in weather, but also at the sub-field level. Figure out how these different environments at that sub-field level interact with that crop and influence it."
B.S. Meteorology in GIS

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