Fungicide Chemist

Average Salary
Degree Requirements
Bachelor's Degree

The number one cause of crop loss is fungi. Preventing crop loss is critical to our food supply, the food supply of production animals and our economy – which is why fungicide chemists are critical to farm production. Fungicide chemists formulate fungicides that prevent and kill harmful fungal parasites and diseases that pose a threat to crops and plants. They study chemical compounds to identify toxins that manage fungi and won’t harm plants, while adhering to environmental regulations.

Also known as: Chemists, Analytical Chemist, Chemical Laboratory Scientist, Forensic Chemist, Forensic Scientist, Quality Control Chemist (QC Chemist), Research Chemist, Scientist, Senior Chemist
Equipment Maintenance
Operation Monitoring
Quality Control Analysis
Social Perceptiveness
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Prepare solutions and compounds for testing
Analyze chemical compounds and how they affect plant life
Develop and test new fungicide formulations and application methods
Determine protocols for handling, transporting and storing fungicides
Develop processes that maintain chemical integrity and stability for mass production
Adhere to local, state and federal reguations
Adjust formulations to comply with changing regulations and conditions
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Fungicide Chemist
Corteva Agriscience
"I'm in a lab most of the time, I would say probably 80% of my time as a chemist is in the lab. Usually I have a set list of new chemicals that have never been made before, that I'm trying to make. So I had to figure out how I'm going to make it, how I'm going to put those bonds together. I'm combining chemicals together, sometimes for as short as a few minutes to a few hours and then trying to isolate and prove that the chemical that I made is what I thought I made."
B.S. Chemistry

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