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Degree Requirements
Bachelor's Degree

The focus of an entomologist’s work can take them anywhere in the world as an expert in one main thing: insects. Entomologists study everything about insects from their classification to their behavior, life cycle, distribution and so on. A boundless and versatile career, entomologists work as researchers, teachers and consultants—for universities, private companies or government agencies. Where bugs go, entomologists follow; their impact is truly global.

Also known as: Wildlife Technician, Pest Control Technician, Scientific Support, Medical Entomologist, Forensic Entomologist, Field Entomologist
Learning Strategies
Social Perceptiveness
Develop methods to prevent the importation and spread of destructive or invasive insects
Discover and catalog new species of insects
Study the physiology, genetics, behavior, habitat and evolution of insects
Develop methods for preventing the importation and spread of destructive insects
Develop and implement pest management programs for urban and agricultural locations
Conduct field and lab tests on pesticides to understand their effect on insects
Create methods to control harmful insects
Coordinate public awareness and education programs
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Agronomy Manager
Beck's Hybrids
"Everything that involves people also involves insects. So there's always room for an entomologist. There's still so much to learn within entomology. There's insects being discovered all the time. There's so much more we can learn about insects. And why they behave the way they do. There's a lot of opportunity to improve the way we deal with insects and reducing pesticide inputs or in just improving our overall lives and the way we manage insects."
B.S. Biology, M.S. Entomology

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