Computer Network Architect

Average Salary
Degree Requirements
Bachelor's Degree

If computers and devices couldn’t share information—there would be no scrolling social media, buying last minute gifts on Amazon or collaborating remotely on a group project. Computers and devices use network systems to communicate and share information—much like how we do via social media platforms. Computer network architects are critical thinkers who understand business needs then plan and design computer systems to best meet these requirements. Their work enables us to use technology to the fullest potential every day.

Also known as: Design Engineer, Network Analyst, Network and Security Engineer, Network Consultant, Network Systems Consultant, Networking Systems and Distributed Systems Engineer, Solutions Architect, Telecommunications Analyst
Operation Monitoring
Quality Control Analysis
Social Perceptiveness
Systems Analysis
Systems Evaluation
Technology Design
Understand different network types, ranging from local area intranets to global communication systems
Work closely with client organizations to identify and implement appropriate network solutions
Determine software and hardware requirements for network specifications
Customize data communication pathways within selected network types
Collaborate with engineers to install and implement new software and hardware, testing for efficiency
Maintain network technology, proactively suggest improvements and perform system upgrades
Meet Jeremy
"I'm responsible for managing and configuring, designing and supporting the systems that our applications, our communication, all of our company's technology systems run on. So it's all kind of behind the scenes. I guess I describe it as, if it plugs into the wall or if it's wireless and it communicates, then we somehow are responsible for that."

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