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Focuses on the protection of computers, computer systems and networks from criminal activity and interference.
Careers that impact the world.
Agriculture is going through a renaissance, and Indiana is leading the charge. Find your path to a career that will effect millions by combining agriculture, technology and science.
Careers that help feed millions:
Scrum Master
Experts, coaches and facilitators for software development teams – ensuring all agreed upon practices and principles are followed.
B.S. in Computer Science
Meet Jordan.

A Hoosier native, Jordan attended Indiana University to pursue a degree in mathematics. After being introduced to algorithmic concepts, he decided to pursue an additional major in computer science with the long-term aspiration of becoming a developer.

Jordan now utilizes his coding proficiency to develop and manage online interfaces for an agtech company providing solutions for commercial pollination. For Jordan, the role’s technical expertise combined with the opportunity to impact the greater good make this an exceptionally fulfilling career.

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