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Degree Pathways that are changing the way we live, breathe and eat:
Focuses on the study of matter, motion, space and time, concentrating on a range of simple to complex theories.
Careers that impact the world.
Agriculture is going through a renaissance, and Indiana is leading the charge. Find your path to a career that will effect millions by combining agriculture, technology and science.
Careers that help feed millions:
Research Development Manager
Investigate and study trends and available data so that organizations can develop new projects, products and services.
Ilana Cohen
Ellie Symes took her passion for beekeeping in college and turned it into a fast-growing agtech startup, The Bee Corp, a platform that develops solutions for commercial pollination. As an entrepreneur and CEO of the company, Ellie sees room for growth in this space and welcomes more passionate beekeepers who want to preserve the planet and stabilize our food supply.
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Corteva Agriscience
Companies in the agbioscience space are laying out goals for sustainability and Indianapolis-based Corteva Agriscience is among them. They've announced a 10-year plan to advance sustainability throughout the global food system spanning a wide range of initiatives for farmers, the land, communities where employees and customers live and work and in its own operations.
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B.S. in Biology & DVM in Veterinary Medicine & MBA in Marketing
Meet Samantha.

An aspiring writer, Samantha originally declared an English major before switching to biology. Though writing was a passion, she yearned for a more evidence-based field of study. She later earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Purdue University in anticipation of opening her own clinical practice. It was during an internship at a large animal health company that she discovered the vast opportunities the agbiosciences industry offers veterinarians.

Samantha now works with drug development teams to produce medications that aid in disease prevention and treatment—impacting millions of animals.

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