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Degree Pathways that are changing the way we live, breathe and eat:
Information Science
Provides the technological foundation to advance expertise in computer systems.
Careers that impact the world.
Agriculture is going through a renaissance, and Indiana is leading the charge. Find your path to a career that will effect millions by combining agriculture, technology and science.
Careers that help feed millions:
Computer Network Support Specialist
Monitor, evaluate and troubleshoot all computing issues for individual users and at an organizational level.
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Your Job Search: Strategies for Success
Are you ready to dominate your job search? If you’re combatting the natural anxiety and excitement that comes with looking for a job, there’s no need to panic. Set yourself up for success now by using these initial tips. You can do it!
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David A. Teich
Artificial Inteligence (AI) is becoming a vital function of agricultural operations. Recent innovations now allow us to holistically track issues in the field, from irrigation to nutrients and pests. Seeing how COVID-19 has affected our food supply means that agtech is more important now than ever. Our supply chain is fragile and this is one powerful step toward mitigating risk.
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