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B.S. Computer Science

Zach's interests in art and science led him to a degree in computer science, an area where he can combine his love for creativity and the analytical. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he's found his calling at an agbioscience startup.

Zach wants to use his path for good, tackling large environmental issues in a sustainable way.

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Conquering Job Applications
Let’s set the scene: you’ve found a list of jobs that interest you and now it’s time to sit down and apply. Thirty minutes in, the fatigue hits. This process is much longer and more complex than you’d imagined. Over 60% of job seekers have reported doing this – don’t be a statistic! These helpful tips will keep you focused, committed and onto an interview in no time flat.
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David A. Teich
Artificial Inteligence (AI) is becoming a vital function of agricultural operations. Recent innovations now allow us to holistically track issues in the field, from irrigation to nutrients and pests. Seeing how COVID-19 has affected our food supply means that agtech is more important now than ever. Our supply chain is fragile and this is one powerful step toward mitigating risk.
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