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Field Atlas is the career exploration platform for students to discover innovation-driven careers and companies.

Field Atlas helps you find a career that matters and lays out a path to get there. Answer a few quick questions and we’ll show you the way to your dream job.

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Degree Pathways that are changing the way we live, breathe and eat:
Zoology and Wildlife
Pursues ongoing discovery and specialists to lead conservation efforts and protect the environment.
Careers that impact the world.
Agriculture is going through a renaissance, and Indiana is leading the charge. Find your path to a career that will effect millions by combining agriculture, technology and science.
Careers that help feed millions:
Computer Programmer
Write, test and fix the code that allows computers and software to function.
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Writing Your Best Resume
Applying for a job would be much easier if a blank sheet of paper could manifest itself into the perfect resume. If you’ve gotten started on a resume (and are still getting started hours later), procrastinate no longer! Use these best practices and your resume will begin to take shape. Ready, set, go!
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Space Coast Daily
The agbioscience sector is always innovating and solutions on the market this year aim to increase productivity, sustainability and scalability for farms of all sizes. From smart sensors to self-driving tractors, these technologies help farmers step up to feed a growing population.
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