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Space Coast Daily
The agbioscience sector is always innovating and solutions on the market this year aim to increase productivity, sustainability and scalability for farms of all sizes. From smart sensors to self-driving tractors, these technologies help farmers step up to feed a growing population.
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Corteva Agriscience
Companies in the agbioscience space are laying out goals for sustainability and Indianapolis-based Corteva Agriscience is among them. They've announced a 10-year plan to advance sustainability throughout the global food system spanning a wide range of initiatives for farmers, the land, communities where employees and customers live and work and in its own operations.
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David A. Teich
Artificial Inteligence (AI) is becoming a vital function of agricultural operations. Recent innovations now allow us to holistically track issues in the field, from irrigation to nutrients and pests. Seeing how COVID-19 has affected our food supply means that agtech is more important now than ever. Our supply chain is fragile and this is one powerful step toward mitigating risk.
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Emily Farra
The agbioscience sector focuses on preserving the planet for a better tomorrow and other industries are beginning to take note. Recently, fashion designers have drawn inspiration from the work being done to not only sustainably grow crops, but to make the soil new again through regenerative agriculture. Wanting their designs to stand for something good, brands like Patagonia and other designers have set out on their own mission: to revive the Earth through the process of making clothes.
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Micki Wagner
While the COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed other industries, the agbiosciences are hard at work solving pressing issues brought to light by the virus. How do we repair a broken food system and use innovation for the nutritional betterment of people to prevent diet-related vulnerabilities to the virus? Innovation in agtech is thriving and so is investment. Will our food systems change?
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Stephen Gossett
Robot's don't take sick days, and in areas of persistent labor shortages they may make way for a new era of automation. Robotics already play a role in the planting and maintenance of crops. Now the industry is working toward a scalable, cost-efficient robotic model for harvesting. New technology is being developed to pick even the most bruisable of crops by emulating the human grip.
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Claire Reilly
A New Jersey warehouse is home to Bowery Farming, a 21st-century vertical operation that grows food year-round - regardless of weather - while using 95% less water. Setting out to solve major problems relating to climate change, the company is hoping to change the approach of growing food for urban populations by controlling the environment in which they are grown.
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Ilana Cohen
Ellie Symes took her passion for beekeeping in college and turned it into a fast-growing agtech startup, The Bee Corp, a platform that develops solutions for commercial pollination. As an entrepreneur and CEO of the company, Ellie sees room for growth in this space and welcomes more passionate beekeepers who want to preserve the planet and stabilize our food supply.
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Maureen Wise
By now you've heard that crickets are a great source of protein, right? While you might not be quick to add them to your grocery list, perhaps you should consider them for your furry friends. Dog food makers are creating recipes that opt for the use of crickets in lieu of meat, creating a more sustainable and protein-friendly alternative.
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Nishan Degnarain
Growing crops in the ocean? This concept could become reality as the agbioscience sector looks for innovative ways to grow more food with less resources. Seaweed, ocean vegetables, underwater fruits and flowers and the addition of breakthrough technologies could help in the fight towards climate change while providing an abundant food supply and restoring the health of our oceans.
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